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Don’t Overlook These 4 Principles in Content Marketing

Content marketing is extensive these days, and businesses are crushing it. It’s time to put your game face on and compete! Content marketing is powerful, especially when it’s carried out strategically and with reliable data backing up the decisions. With many brands and businesses doing the same, it’s up to the marketing team or an

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Six Practical Ways to Grow and Expand Your Business

It is the aspiration of every small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) to grow over time. But even big-scale companies consider further expanding their businesses. However, doing so is not a walk in the park. Whether offering new products or implementing new processes, you must make a few considerations before taking steps. Know that there is such a

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The Practical Marketing Guide for Busy Plumbers

Not all owners of plumbing businesses have the time to come up with marketing ideas. Most plumbers are focused on running their business and improving their customer service. While these are crucial factors in running a business, marketing is just as important. You can offer the best services or quality stainless pipes and fittings, but

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Things Your Business Needs That You Often Forget About

Budding entrepreneurs are so worried about the capital and return on investment that they forget about the other important elements of starting a business. Sure, you have the capital and the products in mind. But what about the other things that can make or break a business? The first rule in a business is not

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What Marketing Strategies Every Business Should Have at Play

There’s a reason why the phrase, “Customer is King”, remains a classic mantra in the business world. Without anyone buying what you’re offering, companies wouldn’t exist or grow into beloved brands like the technology giant Apple or the retail superpower Walmart. Getting people to patronize your products and services, whether it’s the installation of sturdy garage

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The Best Digital Marketing Strategy for Your New Business

Digital marketing consists of various strategies with a common goal: to build sales. Be it print ads, TV commercials, social media ads, and more, you’re ultimately chasing one goal, just taking different routes to reach it. For your new business, choosing the proper route is crucial. Get lost once, and it could be hard to

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Business Communications During the Pandemic: Are You Doing It Right?

The past few months have been tough on everyone as the world copes with a new reality amidst the pandemic. Plans getting cancelled, local businesses closing up shop and life in general screeching to a halt. For some professionals, surviving the outbreak means working and weathering the storm from home, with no definite timeline of

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6 Ways to Minimize the Pandemic’s Impact on Your Business

Not every person gets to face a global health emergency during his/her lifetime. That’s why when an unprecedented crisis such as this pandemic hits, many of us are thrown into the battlefield defenseless. And businesses are no exemption to this. Leading companies are struggling financially, and the economy is going down right now. As an

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Everything You Need to Know When Buying a Laser Engraver

Engraving is an ancient art, one that thrives to this day. One of the earliest methods for printmaking, engraving is often used for security and decorative purposes. In the past, it used to be the domain of artisans. Today, anyone can engraving pick up as a hobby. Traditional methods such as etching and rotary engraving

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Money-making Ideas to Help You Earn More This Year

If you ask people what the best way to bring in more cash is, the usual answer you can get is either to find another job or look for an investment. But if you are not keen on waiting a long time just to earn money, then you can choose a money-making opportunity that can

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