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Success Stories of SkillsFuture Certification

SkillsFuture is a Singaporean program that provides funding to upgrade skills and certifications for people over 25 years old. Several individuals have successfully upskilled in diverse fields using the SkillsFuture Credit, leading to career growth and personal development. The program emphasizes continuous learning to remain relevant in the workforce and stresses the importance of values

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Navigating Divorce as a Single Father: Managing Emotional and Practical Considerations

As a single father going through a divorce, seeking legal advice and representation is recommended. Giving yourself time to process your emotions to improve your mental clarity is beneficial. Seek assistance from loved ones who can offer emotional support or practical assistance. Consider joining a support group for single parents to access more guidance and

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Broken Families: How They Affect Local Communities

Broken families are on the rise due to divorce and poverty in Australia. Children from broken families often face mental health, educational, and financial challenges. Single-parent households are more likely to live in poverty, leading to social and economic vulnerabilities. Crime rates are higher among children from broken families due to a lack of parental

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