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Build a Buyer Persona with These Five Easy Steps

It is no secret that marketing a business is hard these days. You need money and time. You need resources to build a website, fill it up with relevant content, and place it high on Google’s search results. If you feel that your marketing messages are falling on deaf ears, it’s because your messages aren’t

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Personal injury form about to be signed

What Constitutes a Personal Injury?

Looking for a defense attorney in Lynnwood? Do you need someone to explain how a personal injury case was filed against you after you posted something about someone over social media? Well, that is something to talk about. Personal injury law or "tort" law allows for compensation to a person who was harmed due to

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Don’t Let your Children Get Caught in the Crossfire During Divorce

The biggest casualties in divorce end up to be the kids. While busy dealing with their heartbreaks, divorcing partners sometimes forget about the innocent lives that are caught in the crossfire when they are actually the ones that should be prioritized. The divorce process is long and painful but don’t make it so, at least

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Greener Buildings

Modern Solutions for Greener Buildings

Climate change is a big issue right now and big corporations need to put their money in the right programs and conservation projects. Modern technology has made green buildings possible. Modern green buildings are energy efficient and beneficial to their immediate surroundings. Harnessing Natural Light Every office needs light and one source that is both

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