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Why Some Businesses Need a Website and Why Others Don’t

If you’re selling your services as a photographer, you’ll try to convince every person you meet that in the world of camera phones, they will be better off hiring your services. But what if the person you’re talking to is blind? Do you think that you should sell your services to him?

It’s the same logic as offering services related to web development. Worcester has many business owners who can use a website, but it also has many business establishments that don’t. So rather than waste your time with businesses that won’t need a website, it will be better to focus your energies on those that do.

Popular local diners

A person with web development experience was traveling across the country, offering his help to small businesses. He came across a little but popular dining spot in a small Virginia town and assumed that the owners would want their small enterprise to expand by getting a website.

But when he spoke with the owner, the woman told him, “No.” The woman explained that when they started their business, their establishment was just a bait and tackle shop. Eventually, customers started asking if they could serve coffee, so the owner bought a coffee maker and began selling customers coffee.

After a couple of months, their customers asked if they could serve sandwiches, so they did. And after that, their customers asked if they could place some chairs and tables for them to sit on and eat their food, so they did.

Their customers gradually asked for more amenities until their bait and tackle shop became a busy restaurant. The owner then told the web developer that they could barely find the time to take a day off, so when the developer asked her if she wanted a website to promote her business, she said no because she didn’t need it anymore.

Businesses like these are fine without a website because they already have a steady stream of customers visiting them due to word-of-mouth promotion. Also, if they need to inform their customers about any changes to their menu or schedule, it’s relatively easy to spread the word around their small town that they don’t need a website to do that for them.

Hardware stores

hardware store and staff

Hardware stores don’t exactly need a website because people know that they need to visit these stores now and then for any repairs they need to do for their houses. What hardware stores need to do is make sure that people can find their stores on search engines.

People often check Google or even Waze for the nearest hardware stores, but they rarely check the websites of some stores. We must admit that not all businesses are interesting enough to merit a website to inform customers more about the beauty of selling nuts and bolts.

Livestock farms

Unless your farm offers customers or guests the chance to pet some of the livestock, there’s no need for a farm to have a website. Most farmers sell their cattle to other companies whom they get to meet through their network. So it will be futile to provide a farmer with a website because he won’t have any use for it.

So aside from these three businesses, you can find other companies that will need a website. This way, you won’t have to waste your time practicing your sales talk to business owners who don’t have a real need for a website.

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