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Why a Side Hustle Can Be Good for Your Wallet and Mental Health

As more employees shift toward freelancing as a source of income, it can be an indicator of the benefits that learning a new skill can bring about. A side hustle can improve your financial situation, which was found to have a positive correlation with good mental health while providing new opportunities for your career to grow. This could be the case if you had a hobby before adulthood that you had to forego and want to return to partaking in such leisure or if you learned a novel competency in technology, such as using a  laser cutting machine for leather products, and want to offer your services to your community.

Some people may believe that a side hustle will only make them distracted from their career goals and their ability to perform their best at work. After all, it will take up some of your mental capacity and time as a freelancer. However, there are clear advantages to being involved in an alternative activity outside of your employment while earning an income out of it.

It Keeps You Alert

There are instances where your day job can leave you feeling dull or stuck in a routine. You might start to feel uninterested in what you are doing, and it can create negative emotions toward your self-concept because your basic psychological needs will not be met. On the other hand, when you have a side hustle, you can practice prioritizing tasks to maintain a high level of productivity.

You will have to be alert when you are handling multiple responsibilities. A side hustle will keep you accountable to your patrons while being responsible for your assigned duties at work. You might even have to develop a new work schedule as you attempt to determine which hours work best for you. Since freelancing will keep you alert, you might start to feel less uninterested in work because there will be a variety of tasks available at hand. You could even wake up excited since you will be doing something you love- through your side hustle- while working at a job that keeps you financially stable.

But, you have to be careful to avoid the feeling of burnout from all the extra tasks you will take on. Your brain might start to feel overextended by the additional multitasking. Developing a schedule and learning when to say “No” can be a good way to prevent burnout from happening. You can still balance work and your hobby, but it will take additional effort.

Money Can Actually Buy Happiness

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When you have enough income for your needs and wants, you will feel less stress from your finances. You will no longer have to worry about food, rent, or any of your other bills and can afford to pay for a vacation when you need one. An individual’s financial capabilities will provide them the freedom to pursue the quality of life they prefer. Rather than being burdened by work and only living paycheck to paycheck, a side hustle can provide you with that feeling of control over your earnings.

There are a lot of people who suffer from one job that does not pay them enough to enjoy the life they want to live. When you improve your finances by taking on another job, you will no longer have to continue being discontented. After all, even though there is a standard minimum wage, it does not guarantee to provide for all of your needs and wants, especially when you have a family. With a side hustle, you can finally pay for some necessary self-care to keep you more motivated at your main job.

Opens Up New Career Opportunities

A freelance gig is considered your experience in that particular industry. Therefore, you can use that to your advantage if you happen to decide that your side hustle should be your main source of income in the future. Since there are instances where people feel unsure about taking on a new career, especially when they are late into their professional journey, working on the side in a different industry can help the transition become more comfortable. You will also be able to hone your skills while being paid for the transition.

It can be daunting to take on a new venture while juggling a full-time job. But taking a chance on your talents can truly pay off in the end, both financially and emotionally. Whichever industry you intend to take part in will require that kind of initiative for a successful career.

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