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Weird Websites You May Not Know About

Some people take the internet seriously and use it to promote their products, services, or even themselves (think vloggers and bloggers). Some of these people take their websites seriously that they even hire people that provides professional SEO services in Perth or anywhere else in Australia.

And then there are those who just want to post something silly online. These people may have too much time on their hands or perhaps they just want other internet users to smile or shake their heads more often.

Whatever their reasons are for creating weird websites, it’s not for us to know. Here are some of the weirdest websites on the internet:

1. Paper toilet

Somebody thought that creating a website where the only item in it is a virtual toilet paper that you can roll is a genius. If you check out this website at first you’ll find it stupid and useless. But, as soon as you scroll down the virtual toilet paper you’ll realize that there’s something simply fun about rolling a digital toilet paper. Too bad you can’t use the paper.

2.  Gravity Points

If you want to see what gravity could look like if you can change the way it acts then this website is for you. In this website, you’ll see flying white miniature comets and you can change their course by clicking on any part of the screen. The exact spot that you clicked on will be the center of gravity and the flying comets will gravitate towards that.

You can click on more parts of the screen and some of the comets will scramble towards that other spot while the others will try to revolve around the original center of gravity. If you add more ‘gravity points’ you can see how the comets will react with so many points on the screen.

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3. Patience is a virtue

If you want to test your patience or if you just have nothing really good to do then you might want to check out this website. This website will test the limits of your patience when it shows you a loading screen that never ends loading.

You can stare at the monitor for hours or even days but the loading screen will never stop loading, which is the whole point of this weird and useless website. You might even be lead to think that something will appear in the next few seconds when the phrase “Loading, please wait” changes to something else.

But, trust us that it won’t show you anything. But, it’s only useless if you don’t find it entertaining or good exercise to test your tenacity. So, if you have a few hours to kill try to test your patience with this website.

4. Pay for nothing

This website goes a step further in testing your patience and your intelligence by asking people to pay for literally nothing. When you visit this website, you’ll see right away that they’re pretty upfront about what they are offering you. Their offer is that you pay a certain amount for their website but you will get nothing in return.

The only thing that you’ll get for paying them is the chance to put up your name in their “wall of shame”. If you do that, you’ll join a group of people who thought it was a good idea to pay for nothing.

These are just some of the silliest websites in existence today. No one knows why the people behind these websites created them, but at least it’ll make you laugh even for a bit.

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