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Web Design Trends for eCommerce in 2020

In the past, web designers had to make desktop-based websites mobile-friendly. They need to make sure that the sites are responsive and adaptive. Today, things have changed. More than 50% of consumers use mobile devices to purchase items from online stores. This means that companies have to shift their focus away from creating desktop websites. They should now make mobile-friendly web designs that will also look good on bigger screens.

Take a look at the strategies followed by Internet marketing and SEO companies in Chicago, Illinois. They continue to move forward with their web designs, putting greater emphasis on how mobile users are going to navigate the website. This year and in the coming years, you will see many mobile-friendly features such as finger-friendly icons, card-like layouts, and long-scrolling pages on eCommerce sites.

Bright and Striking Colors

It wasn’t too long ago when online stores saw a wave of minimalist design that use only monochromatic color schemes. You’ve seen a lot of pastels and white, black and white, and neutral colors pop on your screen. The idea is to make web design easier on the eyes of web users.

But in 2020, there will be a breakthrough for bright and striking colors. If you are only setting up your company now, it’s best to choose a color that best represents your company. Read about color psychology and make sure to choose the best color that will attract your target audience.

Dark Mode

Google introduced the dark mode in 2019. Google Chrome and YouTube have dark modes—a user interface that changes the appearance of your website according to the user’s surroundings. The dark mode is usually activated at night when there is a low-light environment. Many websites look ugly in dark mode. Google’s night-eye feature automatically turns the dark mode on during low-light conditions.

You need to make sure that your website still looks comprehensible in dark mode. If you don’t, you risk making it look like it has been overexposed when the dark mode is forced on it. If your target audience uses Google Chrome, there’s a good chance your site will shift to dark mode without you having any control over it.


man using chatbot in his phone

These are going to be smarter. They are not only going to answer questions, but they will also be programmed to do more. They can now give suggestions, accept payments, manage complaints, and provide discount codes. The idea is for the chatbots to be the front line. These chatbots will help provide a positive customer experience.


About five years ago, the world saw the proliferation of malware attacks and data breaches. Businesses were pushed to invest more in the security of their websites, ensuring customers and employees that sensitive data will remain protected and encrypted. In 2020, eCommerce websites will buy into HTTPS encryption and web application firewall to increase customers’ confidence when shopping online.

Technology has a lot of great uses, and these have never been more pronounced than its role in online consumerism. If you have a business, you need to protect its website at all costs. That includes making sure that you are on par with other websites in terms of design trends and security measures.

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