Unconventional Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Brand

There are millions of brands worldwide. In 2018, there are approximately 2.3 million businesses in different market categories in Australia alone.If you are planning to start your own business and build your brand in Australia, you need to take note of the competition. Keep in mind that there others who also thought about offering the same product or service that your company offers. With this in mind, you should think of ways on how to boost your brand and make it stand out.

Brand Competition in Australia

According to BrandZ™, the top Australian brands today have used innovation and brand experience to grow their business. These factors help strong brands achieve growth, which is 10% faster compared to other brands. You can’t expect to immediately compete with popular brands when you start a business. What you can do is consider what factors drove growth for these huge businesses. 

Unique Marketing Strategies to Try


Planning a great marketing strategy can also help your brand stand out. To attract new customers or convince potential buyers to try your product or service, you need to think of a unique yet effective strategy to do so. Here are a few marketing techniques that you can consider for your brand promotions:

  • Give Away Branded Promotional Tools—If you want your customers to remember you, you can invest in branded promotional tools. For example, you can use promotional apparel where you can print your logo or use your brand colors. Try and give away a few of these, so people will start appreciating your business. This will remind them of your brand every time they use your giveaway.

  • Host a Photo or Video Contest—In this digital era, people are often glued to their mobile devices. Use this to think of a strategy to boost your brand. You can try and run a photo or video contest which is related to what your brand is about. You can post the contest instructions on Facebook or Instagram and let people submit their entries. Don’t forget to prepare a prize for the winners. You can reward them with your products or services or anything that they can associate with your brand. 

  • Run a Blog with Unique Content—Content marketing has existed for a very long time, yet it’s still one of the most effective strategies for businesses. You just need to ensure that you create unique and engaging articles that help provide value for your readers.

  • Highlight Customer Stories—When it comes to handling feedback, you can compile some of the best customer comments about your business. You can also ask some of your most loyal customers and have them tell a story about how your brand helped them in their lives. Don’t forget to share their experience on social media and on your blogs to boost brand awareness.

These unique yet effective marketing and promotional strategies can help you attract customers and improve brand awareness. These will also help people be reminded of your company because of the unique and engaging techniques. Don’t scrimp on your company’s budget for marketing, especially if you are just starting to build a name for your business. Work with your team and collaborate with experts to ensure that you come up with a solid promotional strategy.

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