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The Digital World: Common Misconceptions People Have About SEO

It’s easy for people to believe in things they don’t know about. Because of this, they end up committing mistakes that would ruin their chances in getting the result they want. This is true especially when you’re running a digital marketing campaign. For starters, online marketing has many technical nuances that may be difficult to understand, and the same is true for search engine optimization (SEO). That’s why it’s easy to accept things without proper confirmation. To clear up these confusions, here’s a compilation of facts debunking the myths about this matter.

Myth #1: SEO Itself Is a Big Fat “LIE”

Truth: Here’s the thing, SEO is an effective marketing campaign strategy, but the results may not appear immediately. Building the reputation of your website doesn’t happen overnight. It may take time for the search engine to crawl and index your site regularly. Sometimes, it takes days or weeks. Unfortunately, many potential clients are not told this, and are left expecting immediate results. If you happen to meet a fraudulent digital marketer, this doesn’t mean the whole industry is a sham. You have to be careful in choosing the company who’ll handle all your search engine optimization in Utah. Consider looking at their portfolios to see how good they are at their job.

Myth #2: Content Is Everything You Need

Truth: While content is an important ranking and indexing factor, there’s more to a great digital marketing campaign than a few blog posts. You have to consider looking at the other ranking elements of SEO. This includes the design of your site and how easy it is to navigate. You also need to make sure your content is well written, to attract the right audience. Having a 1000-word piece on your website isn’t enough. You have to ensure it’s also optimized for searches. Otherwise, it’ll be useless as a tool for getting your site to rank.


Myth #3: SEO Is a One-Time Initiative

Truth: So you think that running a one-time campaign is enough? This is wrong in so many ways. SEO is a continuous initiative. If you want to remain on top of searches, you have to be consistent on optimization and building links that point to your site. Aside from that, you have to be up to date on Google’s latest algorithm updates. Otherwise, your ranking and online reputation may suddenly take a hit. When that happens, it’ll be hard for you to make a comeback.

Myth #4: Using and Integrating Keywords Is pointless

Truth: Keywords are some of the most important factors in SEO. But there’s a limit to their use. There is such a thing as keyword value. Use high-value keywords in your content, and surround them with terms and words that are related to your selected industry. This way, Google knows what search strings your piece should rank for. These are just some of the most common blunders surrounding SEO. With all the things going on, it’s easy to get confused on how you should handle them. That’s why your best bet is research. You may also opt to discuss with other digital marketers, or at the very least, ensure you have an expert who knows what they’re doing. This way you can guarantee the success and effectiveness of your running campaign.

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