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The Characteristics of a Well-Designed Logo

A well-designed logo is instantly recognizable and conveys a company’s identity and message effectively. If your business doesn’t have a logo yet, you should seek out a skilled reliable advertising company in Melbourne to help you craft one. But just because someone else will make your logo, doesn’t mean you should just sit back and make them do all the work.

It’s important to communicate what you think your brand represents and how you want that to come across visually. That’s why it’s important to know what exactly a well-designed logo should look like. This will help you interact with your logo designer in the most productive way possible to get the best results. The following are a few things you should remember:


Besides aesthetic considerations, a great company logo should have a purpose. It shouldn’t just look great, but rather, it should capture the essence of your company, your values, and your goals. Make sure to identify this information before consulting with a designer, as it will prove to be helpful in creating a logo that suits you best.


Your logo should be simple and flexible enough to look good even when it’s scaled up or down. This is called a responsive logo. It should still be easily identifiable even when it’s colorless or rendered in different colors. The design of your logo should be able to hold its own in different mediums, whether digital or physical.


You don’t need a complex design with too many features involved. A strong yet streamlined design is enough to catch people’s attention if it’s unique and compelling enough. Make sure that you aren’t overloading your logo with too many elements.


girl designing a logoA unique logo is one that isn’t confused for other logos in the market. It shouldn’t have any cliched elements, and it shouldn’t have any recognizable feature that can be associated with another logo. With many logos in the market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be original, but it’s not impossible.


Your logo should be memorable rather than generic and trite. It should be able to capture the viewer’s attention and leave them with a positive impression of your brand. You can achieve this through interesting color combinations, unique fonts, and meaningful symbols.


It wouldn’t make sense for a company like Apple to use a banana for a logo. A great logo should make sense in the context of your practice. It should have significant meaning that relates to the work you’re doing, the services you’re providing, and the products you’re offering.


You want your logo to grow with your brand, so it shouldn’t use a design that relies too heavily on trends and fads. Although many company logos go through plenty of redesigns throughout the years, the changes are minimal since many of the most recognizable logos are already timeless. Having to update your logo constantly to keep up with trends makes it difficult for customers to associate it with your company. Stick to landing a timeless logo right off the bat, rather than having to do constant redesigns.

Let your brand identity shine with a well-designed logo that will set you apart from the crowd. If you can’t do it on your own, then leave the job to the experts.

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