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Sustainability in a Tech-Powered World

Living in a tech-powered world means that with every millisecond we’re living the lifestyle we have, there’s some form of waste being generated. When we use vehicles, we release harmful gases into the atmosphere. When we upgrade our laptop, we throw away a hunk of metal and a battery that wind up being useless.

Even while we sleep, there’s waste being generated with our fans being on and our cellphones charging. If you’re the type to care about the world we’ll end up leaving for the next generation, there are many ways to be more mindful of how we use, replace and dispose of technology.

Rethink before you purchase

Our world, as we know it, is driven by product after product, which seems appropriate considering the speed of innovation and development when it comes to making things work better. However, switching hands too fast not only generates a lot of waste but also could be exactly what big tech companies want so you would spend more in the long run.

In buying products, we have to consider the longevity over how “trendy” or “innovative” certain features are. It’s better to look at how long something can serve its purpose rather than how many more tasks it can do on top of what you’re buying it for, regardless of how it’s marketed.

Repair before you replace

With how fast-paced development has gotten, the amount of tech gets almost overwhelming at times. Companies no longer find it profitable to sell longevity because something newer will always make its way into the market.

So instead, they sell these developments in installments and make it hard for people to seek out repairs, so they end up just disposing of the old one and getting a replacement. This is a tactic that’s commonly used just because consumers fall for it.

Take a phone, for example. In a few years, a cellphone could still be working, but the battery would have deteriorated, or it’s become much slower than it used to be. Big companies make it more convenient for you just to ditch the old one, but that would generate more waste.

However, there are plenty of ways for you to find repair shops and specialty electronic parts for sale that could help you refurbish tech you already have nursed back into function.

Patronize sustainable brands


Lastly, consider supporting smaller brands. Although it may seem hopeless with how the titans of the tech industry can easily manipulate people’s consumption habits, tons of startups have built their brands on the premise of being different simply because they aim to be sustainable more than profitable.

Where we decide to spend our money ultimately dictates which among these two have power when it comes to actualizing change we want to see for our environment. So if you have the time and the resources, consider going for more sustainability-focused brands in your next purchase.

The world may seem like it’s on the brink of destruction with how we haphazardly go through mountains worth of tech just to make mountains more, but not all hope is lost. We hope this helped you try and direct your efforts into making our tech-savvy world a better one for the next generation.

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