Simple Storage Solutions to Make Your Life Better

Keeping your home clean is not easy, especially if you’re the only one who cares about cleanliness and orderliness, and the other three or four people living with you don’t even bother picking up after themselves. You find it hard to keep your house from getting messy because your kids keep leaving their toys everywhere or your partner won’t even try keeping their shoes in the same area.

Fortunately, you can do something about this. Instead of always picking up after people, you can fill your house with different storage options so that they can pick everything up and not worry about where they should keep them. If you can relate to this situation, read more to learn about these simple storage solutions that can make your life a bit better.

Under-Seat Storage to Keep Easily Lost Items


Is the remote to your TV or air conditioning unit always gone when you need it the most? Is your first step to watching Netflix have to be wasting 30 minutes looking for the TV remote at every nook and cranny of your house?

If these questions resonate with you, you badly need more under-seat storage. These additional storage options can help change your life because they are always under accessible areas. Are you done watching TV? Throw the TV remote in the bin under your seat. Are you done reading the newspaper or magazine? Shove it under your seat. Did the kids leave all their toys in the living room? Under the seat, they go (the toys, not the kids).

As for what material you should use, you can recycle a cardboard box, a wooden box, or pallets¬†that you’ve salvaged elsewhere. You’re lucky if you find a premade box that fits under the seats. If none fits, you can get a custom-built one or spend an afternoon making it yourself.

Hooks and Wall Brackets

Now, if you’ve maxed out your under-seat storage, you can add more by using your home’s vertical space. You can mount wall brackets and hooks on your walls and use them to hang clothing items, shoes, electronics, and more. Use the brackets to support a horizontal board, which you can use as a surface to store your books, picture frames, trinkets, and many more. Add multiple brackets if you think the one you have now won’t be enough in the coming months. This way, you have the flexibility to add more surfaces that you can use to store or display some of the items you own.

Under-Bed Storage

Another space that holds a lot of potential for your storage needs is the underside of your bed. No, it’s not a space for your childhood monsters. It’s also perfect for keeping large-sized items that eat up precious real estate in your room or home. You can get a bed that can be lifted to reveal a storage area underneath. Use this to store large luggage bags, extra sets of linens, seasonal gear, camping gear, and more.

With these ideas in mind, storing and organizing items won’t cause any more issues among the people in your household. Besides cleaning, you can find stuff without the pain of searching all day.

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