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The Dangers and Risks to a Digital Business

Businesses are going digital. No matter what industry you look at, you will find that growth strategies and expansion plans introduce new technology and digital processes in the operations. They apply to both direct operations and non-essential business functions. Even marketing to customers is taking the digital route. Most startups are exclusively digital, especially amid the pandemic. Wherever you look, the meta seems to be businesses going digital.

The endless list of advantages continues to grow, justifying entrepreneurs’ decisions to pursue digital migration or transformation. As a result, you might want to start your venture in the digital space. However, it doesn’t mean that technology is 100% good for your business. There will be a few risks to counterbalance all the benefits digitalization provides, and a good entrepreneur should know how to prevent them.


Risks are not accidents. They are present because people are looking to take a shortcut to success. Unfortunately, your digital business might be part of their stepping stone, taking advantage of your hard work for their profit. Cyber attacks are prevalent in the digital space. Since you are running your business online, there is a chance that your programs, database, and communication channels end up falling prey to hackers.

There are plenty of ways a hacker can attack your operations and end up on top, making it necessary to create preventive strategies. The first step is creating an IT security team to protect your digital operations. They will provide a defense system that keeps business data safe from external threats. Should a hacker break into the system, their response should be immediate and effective. Third-party security service providers could also add another layer of protection for your venture, keeping away constantly-evolving threats off your digital platforms. Digital businesses should invest heavily into IT security as one successful hack attempt could mean significant financial losses and a tarnished reputation.


Keeping out threats is the job of the IT security personnel. However, your employees might not have the knowledge or the skill to compete with hackers. It is not their job to protect the business, which means they might accidentally click on something that adds a virus to the entire operating system. Viruses are the tools hackers utilize against unaware personnel since they expect the IT security team to put up a long and competitive fight. The best tactic a business owner must perform is raising awareness among employees.

Seminars about digital threats and cybersecurity should be part of employee training, especially when running a digital business. As a result, knowing the potential viruses an unsuspecting worker might encounter will be the first step. Protecting the digital business will require everyone’s compliance and coordination. Employees must be alert at all times, and business owners must ensure it stays that way.

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Performance Issues

You will hear plenty of good things about how digital programs and software improve operations. Streamlined processes, accuracy unaffected by human error, automation, and productivity-enhancing steps are only some of the benefits you might experience when relying on digital technology for your business. Unfortunately, it means your operations might be heavily reliant on your servers working 24/7.

Even if it rarely happens, performance issues might appear and stop operations entirely. They will create bottlenecks, especially for SQL servers. Overheating and overload are only some of the many causes of potential performance issues. Fortunately, you can hire specialists for SQL server monitoring to ensure that delays won’t happen to the operations. They can anticipate those performance issues and act quickly, keeping your digital processes running with ease.

Exposure of Sensitive Data

Digital technology can be reliable, especially when it comes to gathering and collecting data. Unfortunately, most of them are sensitive information. Employee and customer details will be in digital storage spaces that require 24/7 protection from hackers. However, a data breach is a very real and scary possibility.

If a hacking attempt of sensitive data succeeds, there will be massive repercussions. Financial losses, loss of customer and client trust, and business shutdown could be in your future. Potential lawsuits might also be present, especially when the leak involves personal information given away. The IT security team needs to take extra measures to protect sensitive data. It might be more intense and complicated than what other parts of the digital business receive.

Overall, migrating or starting your business in the digital space is the modern way of operations. If you do not do it, you might end up getting left behind by your industry rivals. However, it doesn’t mean you can blindly walk into it. Setting up a defensive layer is part of the strategy, and knowing how to handle these threats is step one.

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