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Quick Bites: Full Meals of the Fast-paced World

You see different sandwich shop franchises all around you. They provide something that is easy to eat for busy people who are always on the go. This is a meal you can have anywhere, whether you are standing or sitting on a bench. It is easy to handle and usually not messy. You do not need a spoon, fork, or knife to eat it. Just grab it with your fingers and take a bite.

A sandwich is a great way to serve a complete meal. You can have your carbs, meat, and veggies in the palm of your hands. But are there other dishes like it? Of course. Here are other popular kinds of food that you can grab and eat anywhere with all the nourishment you need.


This itself refers to a pile of meat slices that is skewered. This is then placed beside a vertical burner to which it is rotated slowly until it cooks. Then you have to slice off the cooked parts of the meat skewer and serve it with pita bread. You can add tomatoes, onions, and cucumber slices. There’s your complete meal.

Shawarma is said to have originated in Turkey. It is now an iconic Middle Eastern dish. It has influenced the creation of the taco al pastor, a fixture in Mexican cuisine. Unlike shawarma, the taco al pastor’s main meat is pork. The vessel that holds it is the tortilla bread. The selection of toppings is a little different—there are pineapples and avocados as other options.

Banh Mi

The Vietnamese have their fast food challenger in banh mi. The crunchy bread houses the meat of your choice topped with herbs and vegetables. Liquid seasoning is added to complete its signature flavor.


burgersOf course, hamburgers. They are known as an all-American dish, though their origins are not very clear. The classic assembly of buns, beef, lettuce, and tomatoes is a staple of fast food and backyard barbecues. Try cooking your own and stuffing the patty with cheese. A delicious surprise awaits you as you take your bite.


With their origins traced back to Spain in the 1500s, these are fried or baked pies with a stuffing of either sweet or savory variety. The latter can have your required meat and vegetables for a full meal. The crunchy exterior perfectly contrasts their soft and saucy filling. They are a handful in terms of size, and they are quite packed. They can be a heavy one even for adults.


You normally associate sushi with Japan. Interestingly enough, its earliest recorded information came from China. Served in bite-sized pieces, it is usually a tightly-packed composition of rice, crab meat, and mango or cucumber slices. You can dip it into soy sauce with a dab of wasabi. Even with that, this is still something you can have on the go.

The world is moving at a faster pace every day. One of life’s necessities is food. These examples will let you keep up with what is going on around you while keeping your tummy filled.

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