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Pimp That Ride and Save Some Cash

Do you want to upgrade your ride?

Of course, you do, but there’s always something holding you back. If you had it your way, you’ll be getting some kind of customization for your car regularly.

One thing that might prevent you from getting your car customized is that it’s too expensive. You don’t have enough money and customizations can be expensive. Not all upgrades like getting a high-end system for car audio in Utah County need to be costly. There are some you can do now without making a hole in your pocket.

Budget Car Customization Ideas

Here are some customization ideas which you can go for without draining your wallet:

Lighting Enhancements (Exterior)

Let’s start the list with exterior lighting enhancements. Because of the development of technology, upgrades that used to be expensive are quite affordable now. One good example of that is exterior lighting enhancement. LED exterior lighting for cars used to be very expensive but now the tech is so common that you can upgrade your car with it without losing too much money.


Perhaps the best way to personalize your car is to add some decals to it. You can use decals that display your interests and personality. You can have them installed in any way that you like.

Do you know what’s even better? The fact that installing decals on your vehicle is not that expensive.

Lighting Enhancements (Interior)

Personalizing the interior lighting of your car does not alter its outside appearance but it can still be a cool upgrade. Installing LED lights inside the car can make it cool for when you’re driving or even when you’re night.

The cool glowing lights can give the impression like you’re riding a spaceship or something. The best thing about enhancing the interior lights of your car is not too expensive.

Upgrading the Window Tinting

installing car window tint

Upgrading the window tinting of your car can be both practical and stylish. Tinting film is readily available and you can easily buy some for your car. You can install the film as a DIY project but for the best results, it’s a good idea to have someone install it for you.

Just keep in mind that there are restrictions as to what you can do with the window on the front side of your vehicle.

Audio Equipment

There are some enhancements to your car audio which does not have to be too expensive. They cannot equal the audio equipment installed in some luxury cars but they are going to be way better than the base stereo units that you got in your car when you first bought it.

Seat Covers

Seat covers are probably the easiest part of your car that you can enhance since it does not require the use of tools. You can just buy some seat covers that will enhance the appearance of your car interior and also improve the comfort level of your seating.

As you can see, upgrading your car does not necessarily have to be expensive. You just have to be creative with your ideas and you can still make that car look great.

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