Pandemic-induced Trends We Can Expect in Hospital Industry

Businesses under the hospitality industry continue to suffer the wrath of Covid-19. But after months of being cooped up within their homes, people are ready to go out. The demand for hotel stays is steadily increasing. This time is crucial for hotels, casinos, and other businesses to prepare for consumers’ ever-changing needs. We can expect these trends to dominate the hospitality industry for many years, thanks to the pandemic.

Prioritization of Safety and Hygiene

Many are still skeptical about the safety and hygiene protocols businesses have. This is especially true in hospitality businesses wherein consumers stay hours or even days within the premises. One must have strict protocols to show consumers they have continued efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

Businesses are now requiring people to maintain social distancing and wearing masks. They are also providing free alcohol or hand gel to clients. Hotels and resorts are taking extra cleaning and disinfection measures to ensure their guests can have a worry-free stay.

The marketing efforts of those under the hospitality industry are also focused on the safety and hygiene of their guests and staff. They use their social media pages, advertisements, and websites to spread the news on how they prioritize consumers’ safety by boosting their hygiene protocols and ensuring all staff and guests are on board with the new rules.

Improved Outdoor Amenities

Consumers now demand better outdoor amenities since they don’t like the idea of being in the same room with many people. They want to enjoy open spaces where they can social distance and still enjoy their stay. ; Businesses are investing in improving their outdoor areas not just to draw crowds but to satisfy the demand of consumers.

One area businesses can enhance is the patio area. Aside from moving chairs and tables to support social distancing, they are making efforts to beautify the place while boosting the comfort of their clients. For one, many are investing in commercial gas-powered heaters to ensure consumers are kept warm and comfortable during chilly nights.

Businesses are also adding more greens in their outdoor space. They are adding more seating to accommodate more clients better since many would rather stay in an outdoor space than eat their meals or socialize indoors.

Voice Search and Control

Internet Voice Search Technology On Mobile Phone

Voice Search has been around since 2011. With the increasing popularity of smart assistants like Alexa, Google, and Siri, businesses can no longer afford to ignore this trend. Boost your online presence and entice more customers by ensuring your website content is voice-search optimized.

Another trend worthy of mentioning is voice control. Guests in hotels and resorts now want their stay to be as convenient as possible, including having the ability to make voice requests. This is where investing in smart technology comes in.

They want to be able to adjust the lighting in their rooms without flipping the switch. They want to get answers and questions without calling the front desk. Consumers also want voice control, which helps eliminate the need to touch different surfaces to accomplish simple tasks.

Contactless Payments

Almost all businesses have been using their website to allow customers to book their stay. But consumers want more and want to reduce friction when paying for the things they need.

Consumers now want to pay for what they want and need without using cash, sans the need for swiping their cards or entering their personal identification numbers. Different businesses are already prioritizing contactless payment since this is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity.

Contactless payments help reduce the risk of contamination and transmission. This also gives users peace of mind since the EMV chip technology used in contactless payments is much more secure. Aside from these perks, businesses enjoy the fact that this type of payment is PCI compliant.


Consumers demand businesses to embrace sustainability no matter the industry they are in. They want businesses to behave in the most ethical way possible. If your business is yet to embrace sustainability, you will fail to tap into eco-conscious consumers’ buying power.

The good news is, you can start with a little improvement to slowly turn your brand into a more sustainable one. Think of LED lighting, local sourcing of your materials and ingredients, and the use of sustainable materials. Promote proper waste disposal by placing recycling bins in easy to find places and use eco-friendly cleaning products.

Consumers want better safety and hygiene, increased convenience, sustainability, and tech-advantage. We can expect these trends and more to extend even after the pandemic is over. For your business is to thrive and stay competitive, keep up with your customer’s demand and the latest trends in your industry.

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