Overcome Your Fear of Flying by Taking These Steps

Traveling is said to enrich a person’s life and make you healthier. Psychologists say that a frequent traveler is less likely to develop heart disease and depression. On top of that, immersing yourself in other people’s culture will make you smarter.

So, if you think about it, there really is no good reason not to travel. But for some people, there’s one: flying scares them. Your fear of flying shouldn’t keep you grounded and stuck in the same place for the rest of your life, however. There are ways to fight your fear of flying.

Learn more about planes and flying

Before you schedule a trip outside the country, do some research on flying and everything related to it, even aviation insurance. Most people fear what they don’t understand, so your best remedy is to know more about flying. Learn about the capability of the plane you’ll be riding to reassure yourself that you’re in a safe aircraft.

Learn about turbulence, too. Many seasoned travelers also feel afraid when their plane hits turbulence because it feels like the plane is about to take a nosedive. If you study more about turbulence, you’ll understand that it’s just air pockets like bumps on the road.

Go for the aisle seat

When booking a flight, always request for an aisle seat. It will be easier for you to walk around whenever you feel anxious. Also, seating in the middle of other passengers can make you feel claustrophobic and increase your anxiety.

Sit near the front of the plane

Planes tend to be bumpy near the tail, so you shouldn’t sit there if you’re afraid of flying. Ask to be seated near the front of the plane where it’s more stable.

Visit the cockpit


If possible, ask the flight attendant if you could visit the cockpit. If you get to visit the cockpit, you’ll see how efficient the pilots are and how sturdy the aircraft is. Once you discover these things, you’ll be able to ease your mind more.

Talk to your fellow passengers

If you happen to be seated next to kind persons, tell them about your fear of flying and kindly ask them if it’s all right to talk to them about your condition. Talking about your fear can help minimize anxiety.

Avoid coffee

When the flight attendant offers you coffee or tea, decline the offer. Caffeine will make you even more jumpy, which is what you’re trying to avoid. Instead, ask for some alcohol to calm you down.

Seek professional help

If your fear of flying is too much that just the thought of boarding a plane already causes a panic attack, you need to seek help from a professional. Many therapists specialize in curbing people’s fear of flying. Just go online and you’ll find clinics that offer therapy for people like you.

Your fear of flying shouldn’t rob you of the opportunity to see the world. Traveling is an experience that no person should let pass. Combat your fear and start planning your first trip to a faraway place.

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