Not a Doctor: Jobs to Take to Stay Inside the Medical Field

When it comes to jobs inside the medical field, becoming a doctor is at the top of the food chain. Almost everyone dreaming of getting into the medical industry will likely try to achieve the top position. However, you might realize that being a doctor is not for you. Blood and pressure to save a life can scare you to the point that you want to avoid the task. Fortunately, there are a lot of choices available to help you stay in the medical field. Here are some of the jobs you should consider if becoming a doctor is not an option for you.

Occupational Therapists

Becoming a physician can put you under a lot of pressure because you are going to be saving lives. If you cannot take on the part that involves surgery, you should consider helping patients with their recovery. You will be helping people return to their daily routines by engaging them in normal activities. You will also be able to help patients who suffered from disabilities find a way to work. As a medical professional, you will feel happy when patients start to recover. Your part as an occupational therapist will be helpful in their journeys.


Health involves a lot more than surgery. If you want to continue taking care of people despite not being able to become a doctor, you should focus on food. Nutritionists use their knowledge to help patients get a healthy diet. They will also be able to help people manage diseases like diabetes and obesity. There are also some patients who prefer natural medicine over drugs. If you want to help patients recover using natural means, you should consider getting into naturopathic medicine college in Percy Circus.

Registered Nurse

Patient care is the number one priority in the medical field. When it comes to taking care of patients, doctors share their responsibilities with nurses. A registered nurse will be keeping track of the patients’ journey from admission to recovery. Nurses coordinate with doctors to help them get a good diagnosis. The medical professionals will also be talking to the families of the patient by providing support and advice. However, you will find that you will need a bachelor’s degree to become a registered nurse.


Medicine is essential in the field. After getting discharged from the hospital, patients will require some sort of medical maintenance to make sure that they are on the right path to recovery. Pharmacists are responsible for giving the right medications according to the doctor’s orders. Handing out medicine might look like an easy job, but pharmacists need to invest in years of study to avoid making mistakes that could lead to a patient’s demise.

Emergency Medical Technician

Saving lives starts with how fast emergency medical technicians respond. If a person requires medical attention from their home, the EMT will have to rush through traffic to get a patient to the hospital for medical attention. EMTs need to undergo extensive training to earn a certificate before they can qualify for a crucial job.

Becoming a doctor is not the only profession inside the medical field. If you have the ambition to save lives, you can do so by taking on the non-physician positions available in the industry. However, you must remember that everything related to medical work requires years of study, practice, and dedication.

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