Modern Trends in Packaging

Packaging is all around. Whether it’s the uber commercialized products you buy in malls or the humble but artisan items you buy in small, local stores, packaging is a big part of marketing and ultimately, the lives of consumers.

In fact, according to Smithers Pira, the packaging industry around the world will reach sales of around $1.05 trillion by 2024.

Because it is such huge part part of commerce in general, it’s also important to stay on top of the latest trends in packaging.

Here they are.

Digital Printing

This is not really anything new, but in this new decade, the use of digital printing on packages will become even wider. Simply put, this is the process of using computer generated graphics printed on packaging. It offers a lot of advantages for businesses big or small.

For one, the process gives companies more room for customization compared to more traditional methods like mechanical typesetting. It also improves the efficiency of applying design in packaging. It’s faster, more accurate, and more importantly, more consistent.

Although many have already made the switch in the past years, it can still be difficult to transition for some. However, in the coming years, this will surely become the norm for most, if not all, product-centered businesses.


In an age where brand and reputation management is key, especially with the power and reach of social media, transparency has taken on a more pivotal role in business. This trend banks on honesty, integrity, and trust. Clearly displaying the necessary information in labels of products wins points with the modern consumer.

But it’s not just about presenting information. Transparency is a more comprehensive concept that requires complete honesty and openness, even in the numerous interactions between companies and its consumers.

This is more notable in the food industry. People expect companies to be completely transparent regarding the food items they put out. There are even applications like Smart Label that gives consumers access to more information about the products they encounter on shop shelves. It truly is the information age.



The benefits of automation have become too appealing for businesses to pass up on. In packaging, long assembly lines are slowly being replaced by machines that keep processes streamlined, more productive, more accurate, and more consistent. They also make the entire process safer. The use of automation in this industry has created a higher standard overall.

The use of automated systems like hot foil stamping machines, for example, has become a trend in the industry for the many reasons mentioned above.


Another popular trend, not just in the packaging industry, but in many others, is sustainability. The growing social awareness in consumers are shaping different sectors into becoming more responsible when it comes to processes and practices.

In the US, the recycled packaging movement has been gaining traction as more businesses adopt the model. Retail giant Amazon has implemented sustainable packaging that reduces waste significantly. Other are bound to follow suit.

Many companies are also adopting smaller packages made of biodegradable materials to answer this call for sustainability. Apple is one of the most prominent trailblazers of this movement. Aside from using parts from old phones to make new ones, their packaging has also changed over the years to become more waste-efficient.

There’s no doubt that packaging is enormous. Changes within this industry will have effects on many levels of commerce. Continue learning about these trends for more successful business endeavors in the future.

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