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Marketing Myths Every Entrepreneur Needs to Avoid

We live in the DIY era. A new form of DIY, at least, since the digital tools that are at our disposal allow for far more complex projects. Take marketing, for example. Many entrepreneurs think that they can manage their own marketing campaigns. While that is sometimes correct, there are a lot of misconceptions that hinder them from succeeding. Here’s a few of them.

Myth: Email Marketing Isn’t Effective and is Usually Treated as Spam

  • Truth: It’s still a Popular Way to Connect with Your Demographic

This is a common misconception, and looking at the actual statistics will show a different story. The truth is that e-mail marketing is one of the most efficient methods of communicating with and connecting with your clientele. Personalization of emails may be taken a step further by utilizing marketing automation and lead nurturing strategies.

Myth: Multi-Channel Marketing is an Ineffective and Resource-Intensive Method

  • Truth: It’s Highly Effective, and Also Efficient

Being tunnel-visioned and single-minded isn’t enough to succeed in this era that’s filled with technological tools that give us an edge. Customers and competitors are present everywhere, from different social media websites to different real-life locations. This is why businesses wanting to succeed need to establish their presence on more platforms than one.

Entrepreneurs who focus on one platform or one medium limit themselves to the customers who only use that. It completely ignores the staggering amount of people in other media, which is rife with potential. Add the fact that most people will immediately leave a website or an app should they find it unresponsive; it truly helps to have multiple presences to catch your target market’s attention.

Myth: Networking is Only for Business Collaboration

  • Truth: Networking is for All Facets of Business, Including Marketing

With how competitive the market today is, networking is a way for entrepreneurs to make relationships and interact with people and organizations that may lead to commercial activity. Although the benefits of networking are not always obvious or immediate, building your network may lead to mutually beneficial collaborations that can help your business thrive. Relationships with other professionals that engage with or service your client bases, such as industry peers, related businesses, and tangentially related parties, are critical.

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Myth: A Website isn’t Necessary

  • Truth: Every Modern Business Needs a Website

The simple truth is that every business nowadays needs a website. The unfortunate reality is less than 50% of small businesses, and local entrepreneurs have a website for their establishment. This statistics is rather surprising, especially when you factor in that most people spend upwards of six hours on the internet every day. A website is an effective way to develop both your online presence and establish a base of online operations for your business.

Customers and interested parties will find your business more accessible through a website, so it only makes sense to have one. It is not enough to simply have a website; you must work on it. After you’ve created a website, concentrate on link building. This way, you can guarantee that all of your online directories and social postings connect back to it.

Myth: Just Get the Cheapest Website Designer You Can Get

  • Truth: Website Design is Integral to Business Sucess

You simply cannot ask a friend to help you create a website- unless they’re a professional with years of experience behind them. A website designer needs to know how to create a website that focuses on a target audience in mind. That’s why many small to medium-sized businesses use a professional employer organization or PEO to help them manage their website. Website design and management is a full-time job for skilled professionals, and it’s not wise to skimp on this area.

Myth: The Internet is Too Big to Market To

  • Truth: You can Zone in On Your Target Market through the Internet

Does online marketing make sense given that the internet has billions of users, and despite that, you can only reach folks in your local area? The reality is with today’s platforms; you can acquire a variety of possibilities for segmenting your audience and refining your target market. In contrast to traditional marketing, which targets everyone who comes into touch with it, social media, sponsored campaigns, and PPC may precisely target people depending on characteristics such as area, demographics, and past actions.

This means you won’t waste money on those who aren’t likely to be interested in your business. This is why digital marketing is such a cost-effective way to market: you’re only spending your resources on leads that are more likely to become paying customers.

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