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Making a Child’s First Dental Experience More Fun

Kids, especially the smaller ones, are generally fearless. They like to put random things in their mouths, run around, and explore new things around them. However, it might be a different story when it comes to their first dental appointment. Dental phobia is real, and it happens to kids and adults.

As for professional dental practitioners, this is a challenge that they have to face frequently. For one, many dental patients might not find dental offices warm and welcoming, especially for children.

This is what office fit-out companies in Melbourne typically aim for: to help their clients achieve their business objectives. In this case, it is to make a dental office look and feel more child-friendly.

In other words, having a kid-friendly dental office can help lessen their fear of dentists. Likewise, a child-friendly dental office can make every dental appointment more pleasant for both kids and adults.

Making dental checkups more pleasant for children

The fear of the unknown is pretty much reasonable for some children. In this case, small children might get scared of visiting a dentist for the first time. It can be overwhelming for them to see that huge dental chair and hear that dental drill’s shrill sound.

However, you cannot shrug off a child’s fear or disregard it. In fact, it is better that you address it as soon as possible to prevent that fear from persisting into adulthood. For dentists, there are ways to lessen their patients’ anxiety:

1. Everything starts at home.

A lot of children often thrive through a routine. This should also apply when it comes to oral care. It is important to teach small children and infants the importance of good oral hygiene. For infants, clean their mouths using a warm washcloth or a special toothbrush. For toddlers, remind them to brush their teeth after eating.

2. Let small children visit a clinic before the actual appointment date.

You can also help ease the child’s fear by visiting a dentist. This will help them be acquainted with how dentists work. At the same time, it can help build a rapport with the child and make them feel more at ease inside a dental clinic.

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3. Let patients consider a pediatric dentist.

Some pediatric dentists specialize in handling young children and pre-teens. Unlike other dentists, pediatric dentists usually have a kid-friendly office that can help in lessening their fears. Many pediatric dental offices even have TV screens, stuffed animals, and other toys to help children feel more comfortable during a dental procedure.

4. Be an example.

If parents are scared of the dentist, the child will be as well. Instead, make it sound fun and enjoyable as much as possible. As a dentist, be warm and accommodating in front of the child and make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Dental fears are normal, especially among young children. However, dentists have ways to lessen that fear. One effective way is to make a dental office child-friendly. Parents should also help their children overcome their dental concerns so that they won’t progress into adulthood.

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