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Is Your Child the Next Albert Einstein?

We all want to think that our kids are the best. We believe that they are the best and that they are far beyond their years. When they reach certain milestones, we want to compare them to others. What if they are actual geniuses? What if they are the next Marie Curie? What if they will revolutionize computer technology the way Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did?

Your kid could be in middle school in Salt Lake City where their teachers could be failing to realize that they’re dealing with a genius. Many teaching institutions fail to identify the capacities of their students. As a result, these students lose interest in learning and developing their skills.

As a parent, it is your job to recognize the special talents your kid has. You will notice it by spending time with them. You will see the signs not when you look for them but when you take the time to learn their interests and hobbies. So is your child gifted? Are you raising a genius?

Excellent Memory

Is your kid showing an amazing memory? Do they remember tiny details of their days? Do they know all the names of their classmates and their teachers after just a day of meeting them? This could be a sign that they have a retentive memory. A good memory is not just linked to learning but also to decision-making. A word of caution, though: Kids with a good memory could be better liars, too.


Celebrate your child’s inquisitive mind. Asking questions is a sign of curiosity, and curiosity is a sign of intelligence. It shows their willingness to learn. This also means that they seek opportunities where they can learn new things. Inquisitive people are always the most successful.

Early Reading Skills

Reading is an exercise for your mind. Intelligent kids can read before the age of four, so that’s a sign that your kid is extra special. On average, kids will read when they are six or seven years old. Your kid should enjoy learning how to read as much as playing outside. They should recognize and understand words before they can read a phrase.

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Musical Ability

There is a link between music and intelligence. Kids who are exposed to music at an early age unlock their creative potentials. If your kid is interested in music, support them. Enroll them in music classes where they can learn to sing, dance, perform, and play musical instruments. Do everything you can to expose them to music even if your kid doesn’t have a particular musical talent.

Being Observant

Kids who are intellectually gifted are observant. They recognize patterns easily, and it’s not just shapes and colors. They can remember which bus passes at what time, and they excel in completing puzzles. They are observant of behavior, actions, and activities. They may often imitate a person’s mannerisms and habits.

Little Adults

Genius kids want to talk and discuss with adults. In fact, they are called little adults because they hang around grown-ups. They ask questions and are inclined to even “debate” with adults. They prefer the company of older people than kids of the same age. This is a sign of intelligence in kids because it shows how they enjoy learning from adults.

There are varying opinions on whether a person is born a genius or they develop into one over time. What they do agree on is that the support of parents will improve the development of a child. Parents need to nurture their kids’ skills, talents, and gifts.

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