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How You Can Share Your Business Knowledge and Expertise

You may have the impression that being a businessperson is about selling, changing the world with breakthroughs, and being a market leader. You may think that It’s like being Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. However, doing business could go beyond these objectives. At one point or another, you will find yourself being consumed by a desire to leave a legacy — the type of service that will create a new generation of businesspeople.

If this is one of your goals, you may consider sharing your business knowledge and expertise. You may take some inspiration from various disciple-making movements and how the people involved impart wisdom to the willing. Nevertheless, there are multiple ways that you can do to make this happen:

Create a culture of knowledge-sharing

It’s better that you start with your organization. In your own company, you may want to create a culture that profoundly encourages the culture of sharing. For instance, you can initiate a weekly roundtable discussion regarding the trends and movements that affect your industry. That way, your employees will be armed with the knowledge that will help them perform their jobs better. It would also be nice to bring in speakers. Some companies build their own resource and learning centers that archive learning materials and manuals. Pick a method that suits your business size.

Become a mentor


The world will never run out of young professionals that are highly motivated and always hungry for improvement. In this case, you will still see a newbie that needs support and guidance. If you think that this person has great potential, it is up to you to mentor them and shape them into a leader. Becoming a mentor will not only benefit the mentee. It will also help you, as it will give you access to new information that you did not have before. You will also learn how to be patient and how to view things from a different perspective.

Author books and papers

If you are aiming to reach a much bigger group of audiences, you have the option to write a book or white paper. Use this avenue to give your insights on specific trends and industry shifts. If writing a book or white paper is too grand for you, start small by writing a blog or being a guest writer for an online industry magazine. That will not only allow you to share your knowledge, but it will also help you build your credibility and authority.

Be a keynote speaker

When you have reached a certain level of success in your business or fulfilled some grand goals, you may find yourself relaxing a bit. Use this period as an opportunity to become part of speaking engagements and being a keynote speaker. This type of activity will also allow you to build your network in the process.

Be sincere with your motivations

Sharing your knowledge is also part of being a businessperson. That is one way of making a legacy. It is also one way of letting others hear your thoughts. When you’re at this phase, you need to be sincere with your motivations, as these will define what kind of businessperson you are.

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