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Here’s How You Can Earn Thousands of Pounds Through Food Blogging

A Do you like eating, making, and discussing food? Are you looking to switch to a new career in a field that you are truly passionate about?

Food blogging can be a lucrative career. Bloggers earn thousands of pounds by hosting advertisements or publishing sponsored content on their websites. To begin this new career path, here are the things that you need to do:

Pick Your Niche

You do not need to have a niche, but becoming too broad might make it more difficult for you to find a dedicated audience. Blogs that specialize in one thing tend to be more successful and gain a loyal following.

Before you start typing, determine what kind of food blog you want to build. Are you a gifted baker who can transform frosting and fondant into a work of art? Did you finish a healthy cooking course from a London culinary school? Do people go to you whenever they need advice on how to cook with minimal budget? You should take your own expertise and interests into consideration.

Create Your Site

This is where it gets technical. You can create a free account on a blogging website (like WordPress or Blogger) and publish your recipes or advice there. However, your blog will do better if you have their own web hosting. All the popular and reputable food blogs have their own sites which makes it easier for readers to find them. Your own site is not necessary, especially at the beginning, but not having one can make becoming a professional blogger more challenging.

You may want to hire a designer to help you with logos, backgrounds, and other graphics. Make sure that your site is responsive, meaning it can adjust to small mobile screens and would be easy to use. Lastly, the site should be optimized for search engines (SEO).

Start Writing

Once you have the site set up, publish your first recipe! If you want your blog to become a money-maker, you need to be consistent with your post. You should set your own posting schedule.

Do not be afraid to share a snippet of your life into your blog. Your readers would love to hear the history of the dish (is this something your mum used to make every time you were sick?) and take clear photos of the final product.

Monetize Your Site

monetize site

There are plenty of ways you can make money through your blog. The first and most common is through Google AdSense. Google AdSense places ads on different areas of your blog and pays you through clicks. The more traffic your blog has, the bigger the profit you will make.

Other bloggers also join affiliate programs. Amazon, for example, will pay you to promote products they sell on your website. In your case, cooking and baking products.

The third method is through sponsorships. A company will pay you to feature their products or services on your website. You have to create a blog post that encourages your readers to check out the brand.

Other possible ways of earning money are through selling cookbooks (e-books or physical copies) and teaching online courses.

Being a food blogger will not be easy. It is like any other job; it requires time, effort, and hard work. However, if you have good content and you are truly passionate about what you do, you will surely succeed.

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