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Drones: What They Are and What They Can Do

Drones are a new feat of technology. Powered by electricity and at times aided by the use of artificial intelligence, they are light, sturdy, and sustainable. They are used for everything from sending products to ensuring human safety. With drones, ambulances can identify where fires are coming from, while police can use them to identify fugitives or terrorists. Soon, each drone building inspection will feel like a routine, a normal part of life that ensures the protection of everyone living in the building.

Drones serve a myriad of purposes that we have not fully utilized yet, seen, or appreciated enough. For instance, how can drone use be of aid to individuals? How will they work hand-in-hand with security guards? Here are a few examples of how we can benefit from them.

They can ensure safety.

Drones can replace thermal scanners and metal detectors. They can be strategically positioned in such a way that when someone, say a thief, runs away from the building, their DNA can be tracked by the drone, who will fly after them and alert authorities in the process. Drones can detect body heat and suspicious amounts of metal in a lighter and more cost-efficient way than scanners and detectors that can fit humans and luggage. Much like sniffing dogs, all drones have to do is scan.

They can prevent accidents.

Drones don’t just help with crime, but they can go to rooftops and check if any holes need patching up. They can also be programmed to automatically sense where a fire is coming from and help extinguish it. Tiny drones can help plumbers and electricians and go to spaces where they can fit, providing computer images of fractures, dents, or tears that need to be fixed.

Drones can help with construction as well as law enforcement. They can check if there is any part of the building that is about to crumble. They can know if an area within the structure is filled with too much oil, water, or sediments. This function will alleviate the workload of plumbers and electricians without robbing them of their jobs. Instead, it will make things easier for them, as they will not have to go through all the muck to start fixing the problem.

They can be used to find things.


Drones can be programmed to locate missing objects, from keys and mobile phones to tablets and even money. However, such technology should not be abused and implanted in human beings. They can be used to locate lost pets, like cats stuck on roofs or hamsters in drains. Drones can locate all kinds of objects, which like every kind of technology, is something that must not be exploited. We must consider the many positive factors of the situation. They can make up for our human carelessness.

Drones are self-sufficient and automated. They make little use of power, which enables them to be environment-friendly and sustainable. But most importantly, they are a product of human innovation made for human survival. They can protect and serve us if we learn to use them without misusing them.

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