Cycling in Miami: Things a Cyclist Should Have

As you bask in the sights of Florida, you may inevitably want to feel the breeze and travel through the Sunshine City on a bicycle. It’s a very picturesque thought, but it also comes with important considerations, especially regarding safety and logistics. Here are a few things you should have before going on that cycling tour.

Safety resources

Even though cycling is a sustainable method of travel and there are tons of great areas to bike in terms of visuals, it’s important to know that Florida is one of the most dangerous places to ride your bicycle. To be specific, it’s considered the fourth riskiest in terms of accidents and fatalities in America.

That may turn you away in itself, but personal injury law firms in Miami, FL, have noted that most cases stem from driver errors from other vehicles. Even if it doesn’t match the aesthetic you might be going for, don’t scrimp on safety gear and make sure you are aware of your surroundings, especially on busy days.

Even though the weather and views are nice for cyclists, it’s good to be safe when other drivers and a lack of pathways make the location less bike-friendly. It would also be useful to know any firms that can help you in the instance of an accident, given how common it seems to be in the area.

A cycling group

Even though you may want to take in everything solo with the sound of your music through your earphones, it would be wise to join a group if you plan on going around Miami. That is because they have mapped out trips that are helpful when there is a lack of official bike lanes or bridges for you to traverse safely.

Doing this can also be effective in helping you keep up your pace and even motivate you more to stay engaged as opposed to going alone where you can easily change your plans and opt to stay home. There are plenty of clubs that meet up, and you can find them online, which is helpful if you want to take part in something consistent. Or, you can call up some friends and form your own group even as a one-time activity.

A cycling route

Cycling route

To maximize your cycling trip to see the sights, efficiently maneuver the streets, and find the safest possible pathways, you should prepare a cycling route before venturing out. There are lots of bike trails to peruse, or you can use an app to map out your path for you.

Doing this can help you stick to a schedule. It can also bring you more comfort that you are passing through safe areas and that you won’t get lost and reroute at some point. This detail can help you better plan out your day for rest stops and other attractions you may want to take a break for and check out.

Once you’ve got these settled and you have the necessary gear, what is left is to start pedaling and taking in the beauty of Miami. Whether you’re renting a bike to cross the Venetian Causeway or bringing your own sturdy wheels to face the Black Creek Trail, there’s plenty to explore when you’re prepared.

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