Creative Ways to Use Your Barcode Printer

If you’re a business owner you should always make the most out of your available tools to help your business expand and become more efficient. However, some entrepreneurs could only think of traditional ways when it comes to business expansion. Instead of thinking outside the box they often rely on cliché ways to help their business grow.

You would need to think outside the box if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and being unique is a great way to separate your business from the pack. One particular item that could be your tool to expanding your business that not a lot of people often consider is your Zebra barcode printer.

A barcode can tell a story

Most people see a barcode as a price tag or an item that will make paying for an item go quicker. But if you take a moment to really get to know how to use a barcode you’ll see the huge potential it has for your business.

A 2D barcode is capable of storing large data that can be useful to you and informative for your customers. If you insert details about your business into every 2D barcode that you put in your products you will have a marketing tool that is low cost and effective.

Just let your customers know that if they want to know more about the product they bought and the company they bought it from all they have to do is scan the barcode and they’ll be able to get all the information they need.

You could even place the history of how the product was made in the barcode, which is exactly what an Indian company did.

This Indian company embedded detailed information in their barcodes that were attached to their wooden handicrafts, and when a customer scans the barcode they will know where the wood came from, which ensured him that it didn’t come from an endangered forest. Illegal woodcutting is rampant in India, and a lot of companies did not want to be associated with illegal works. So, some of these companies insert detailed information about the origin of the wood they use into the barcodes to ensure customers that they’re not purchasing illegal products.

You too can use your barcodes as your way to tell the story of your business. Doing this will set you apart from the rest your competitors and it might increase your customers.

Go nuts on barcodes

Scanning the barcodeThis next suggestion has more to do with the efficiency of your business when it comes to servicing customers. One of the things that customers hate about shopping is waiting in line at the cash register. If a customer sees a long line they might change their mind about buying your products and just leave your store because they’re in a hurry.

Now, how can a barcode fix that? You fix it by putting more barcodes in your products. One of the reasons why it takes a long time for a customer to go through the cashier is its difficult to find and scan the barcode. But, if you put more than one barcode on your products it will be easier to find and scan them.

This way, you’ll have lesser lines and your customers will be more delighted that they won’t have to wait in line anymore.

These are just some of the ways you can help your business expand and be more efficient. So, the next time you bring your barcode printer to a repair shop take a moment to realize the huge potential that your gadget has in helping your business.

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