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There is Hope for Creative Artists in the Corporate World

Let us face it, artistic and creative people struggle to fit in the corporate world. These people value creative freedom, failing to meet the criterion for most industries, and because of that, the society formed a stereotype that artists are broke.

Have you ever encountered someone who told you there is no money doing artistic jobs? Have you ever been judged when you told someone that you are an artist? Lastly, has anyone judged you for making enough to pay the rent? Well, if you have answered yes, then it is understandable why you thought about giving up your creative pursuit.

For so long, creative workers have been exploited and capitalized on. Some companies even coined the term “multimedia artist” for the reason being they want someone who can do jobs that are meant for three different employees. In the United States, the average salary of an artist is $15.00 per hour, compare that to the salary a software engineer is making. When you think about it, these two roles often work side by side together for website development.

So, it is just frustrating to know that artists are undervalued in the industry. However, if there are bad apples, there are also good ones. There are also companies that value creative freedom; you just have to stay in the pursuit longer if you want to find the right tribe.

Here are the following reasons why creative thinkers are important in the corporate setting:

Digital Marketing is Growing

Digital marketing is not just about SEO and website traffic, although those two are big aspects of the venture, being creative is still the goat. Even with the digital marketing mantra “Content is king.”, you will know that gaining organic traffic from great content that people actually read is better than empty PPC efforts.

If you are a writer struggling to find your career path, jumping from one job to another, and tired from writing rejected campaigns, you can find your calling with being a content writer. There might still be some technical restrictions about the articles you will write, such as word count and long-tail keyword placing, you will have the chance to write things that will both educate and entertain readers.

You will find this privilege more refreshing than writing to please just your clients or your boss. So, think about it. You do not have to quit your corporate writing job, you just need to find the right one.

Application Development is Booming

Application development can be considered as something that sales-driven people are good at. It is about finding the economic gap in each sector and creating a solution to a consumer demand that hasn’t been answered. The same way that Netflix revolutionized the whole viewing experience for everyone, and even TV executive producers are changing the way shows are written to cater to the Netflix binging viewer behavior today.

It is also how Blackberry stole the game from Nokia when they thought about giving people a device where they can both call and text, and use the internet. Sadly, however, Blackberry only became the blueprint for what came next which is Steve Jobs.

Now, think of those products and services but as applications. Those are examples of why creative thinkers are crucial for breakthroughs and innovations. Yes, being sales-driven is important but so is having ideas that can sell. At the rate of application development growth, more and more companies will need thinkers soon. So, don’t give up on your crazy business ideas just yet.

Video Content is Queen

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With the advent of Tiktok videos and YouTube vloggers, video content creation is now becoming a thing for marketers. You will be surprised as to how online stores are marketing their products and services. There are entertaining videos even about regular tools such as water pipes and hydraulic hoses.

For example, some videos showcase a product’s strength and durability by smashing them repeatedly, capturing the satisfying sounds, and providing viewers with ASMR video content. Now, who would have thought about that eh, if not creative minds who studied how clear and sounds can heighten a person’s senses and be used as a marketing strategy.

Moreover, all social media platforms have updated their algorithms to prioritize video content first. That means video editors and writers are now about to dominate the digital marketing industry. So, think about it before you put down your Gimbal and shift careers.

Being a creative artist is not easy, especially if you have financial responsibilities to take care of. Fortunately, the corporate world is now gradually recognizing how important creative people are to every business operation. You simply need to push through until you find a company that values you and your talents.

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