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Clever Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills This Winter Season

Winter is almost here. You can feel it on your face when you go out for a run in the morning. The air is crisp, and there’s something in the air—something that tells you that winter is just around the corner. But with it come also the inevitable rising energy bills caused by our need for the HVAC system. Fortunately, there are some clever ways you can keep your energy costs down.

But first, you need to check the important parts of your HVAC system such as the heat pump. Make sure that all components of your heater are working properly. You wouldn’t want to have to face the winter season with a broken heater. Ensuring that everything is working properly is a step that you need to take regularly.

Maximize Sunlight

Even during winter, the sun still goes up—unless you’re living in Alaska. In the morning, open the windows and curtains facing the southern direction. Make sure that the sun is getting into your home. That will naturally warm the place. It will also improve indoor air circulation, allowing you to breathe better and prevent respiratory problems.

Cover the Windows

Make sure that there are no gaps in your windows. Although this might not pose a problem during the day, window gaps will let the cold air inside at night. You can use clear plastic wrap to cover the window gaps. Strips of Styrofoam will also do the trick.

Replace Your Water Tank

water tank

Consider going for a tankless water system, where the heater heats water only as needed. This is opposed to a tank system where the heater must heat the water in the whole tank. Can you imagine heating that much water then having it go cold again when the system gets turned off?

Cover the Fireplace

If you are not using the fireplace, keep the damper closed. Cold air can easily get into the house through the chimney. If you are using the fireplace, lower or turn off the heating system. You should also close the door to the room where the fireplace is. Try to make everyone stay in one room for a while so that the heating system does not have to be on all day.

Install an Automatic Thermostat

Lowering your thermostat by 10 degrees will save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs in a year. During winter, set it to 68 degrees when you’re away or when you’re asleep. That’s comfortable enough for everyone to get a good night’s sleep. Of course, you can also experiment with your family if they can go lower than 68 degrees.

Insulate Your Attic

Proper insulation will help keep your home warm. It is particularly important in the attic because the lack of sufficient insulation there will cause the warm air to rise out of your home. Make sure that the attic windows are sealed and the floor is well-insulated.

Keeping your energy costs during the winter season is possible. You have to be creative about the way you use energy in your house. Remember that with a bit of creativity and ingenuity from your part, you can save thousands of dollars every year. Also, you’re helping the environment from getting depleted. It’s a win-win situation.

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