Choosing the Right Career for a Better Future

When you’re looking for a job, one of the top considerations is the pay. The potential salary is often a big deciding factor, especially when presented with several opportunities. To make life easier for you, here are some top-paying jobs in the country today. Apart from the pay and description of the job, you’ll also learn about how to become one, including the educational requirements, the certification and licensing, and more.


The highest-paying job this 2020 is an anesthesiologist. This is a physician who administers anesthesia before any surgeon or doctor can perform any invasive procedure to a patient. Based on the job description alone, you already have an idea why anesthesiologists are in-demand and command top money. They’re responsible for monitoring vital signs and making life-saving decisions when necessary. As such, they receive $208,000 median salary per year.

To be an anesthesiologist, you need a related college degree, such as chemistry and biology, before you can apply to medical school. You should pass a medical college admission test, attend and finish med school, and pass a licensure exam. You will also need to undergo a three-year residency in your chosen specialization, following a typical one-year internship. Afterward, you can obtain state licensure and practice in your chosen area.


Being a lawyer has long been regarded as a lucrative career. Lawyers play vital roles in businesses and government agencies and command a good salary because of that. They advise companies and individuals on any legal matter. They represent clients in court, when necessary, as defenders of their rights or as champions of their causes. Their roles are fluid; it’s impossible to pinpoint one specific characteristic common to everyone except they know the law more than anyone else. Because of that, they get around $120,910 median salary annually.

It’s great for students to have a background in the legal field first, like getting a paralegal course and certificate online. But if they want to become a lawyer, they need to attend law school after getting an undergraduate degree. They need to have the best grades possible during their undergraduate years. After earning a law degree, they also need to take a state bar exam.

Petroleum Engineer

Working as a petroleum engineer is quite rewarding — the job is always in any list of the best-paying jobs today. Their key role is to extract oil from the depths of the earth possible. They design equipment to extract fossil fuels from under deep rock deposits containing oil and gas. Because of that, they are well compensated with a median salary of $137,170.

To be qualified for this position, you need to get a degree in engineering or, better yet, petroleum engineering. Afterward, take any opportunity to gain practical experience, like an internship, to make you more attractive to potential employers. Licenses and certificates aren’t necessary, but they’re vital if you want to advance your career in the industry.

Choosing one of these career paths can bring you a step closer to your dream of retiring early. But of course, you need to pay your dues and work hard to be successful in any career.

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