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Three Ways Certificate Courses Can Jump-start Your Career

Whatever your profession, advancing in your industry takes a lot of time and effort. The tight competition in the job market, particularly in areas such as finance, IT, healthcare, marketing, management, and engineering, has led job seekers to find ways to stand out from a pool of applicants.

In Singapore, fresh graduates and full-time employees have access to certificate courses, an initiative led by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), whose main purpose is to establish a system of lifelong learning among Singaporeans.

Investing in your skills and expertise has never been more important. Today, the fastest and most convenient way to hone your skills is by taking certificate courses online. Learn how you can take advantage of them to kick start your career.

Access flexible learning opportunities

Flexible Learning

The most attractive feature of certificate courses is the ability to access a wide range of courses anytime and anywhere you want. Most certification programs are asynchronous, which means the classes run on a more relaxed schedule, with participants accessing materials from a different time zone and location. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling overseas; you can still access the course as long you have internet.

Certificate courses come with course materials and prerecorded lectures, which you can watch at your own pace, depending on your free time. There is no best time to learn and attend class; you can do it after work, during breaks, or on weekends. Asynchronous classes are accessible 24/7, so you can deal with your coursework and lectures at your most convenient time.

Some courses have a mobile learning feature, which means you can attend lectures using your phone. This works for people eager to carve time for learning, but they have difficulty squeezing them into their schedules. But it’s recommended to put your entire focus on the course so you can jot down notes and avoid missing out on important topics.

Focus on a specific area of improvement

Whether you want to learn about digital marketing, enhance management skills, or develop skills in graphic design, there are plenty of certificate courses to improve your craft. As professionals, employees should look for opportunities to develop their skill set.

The business world faces a global skills’ shortage, and companies are reskilling to address skill gaps. As part of the corporate landscape, you can contribute to the solution by improving your expertise in your respective field.

One of the keys to success is finishing a certification course specifically designed for your area of improvement, whether about leadership, public speaking, IT, or accounting. If you’re planning to switch jobs soon, certificate courses will bolster your credentials and give you a competitive edge.

Certifications certainly look good on a resume, especially if the skills you acquired from the course are relatively new and something the employer is looking for. They can make a huge difference during the recruitment process and help increase your salary offer.

Create a positive impact on career

In a society where it takes several years to complete a degree, taking a certification program will only take you a few weeks or months to complete a certain course. You can earn multiple certifications from topics you didn’t learn from your workplace or university. Instead of going back to school to learn a particular skill or knowledge, you can register at an online certificate program and complete courses in less than a year.

Whether you’re eyeing a promotion or starting a new career, a certification course will help you acquire in-demand job skills to jump start your career. In a study by Coursera, employees who work on their professional development are likely to enjoy various career benefits, such as a salary raise, promotion, or opportunity to explore a new career.

The type of online certification you will take depends on your industry or field of interest. Whatever you choose, the course will provide significant value to your resume and overall credentials. This is especially true since companies are looking for professionals with industry-oriented training.

Online learning platforms, such as Coursera and edX, offer certificate programs credited by prestigious universities and Ivy League schools (e.g., Yale, Stanford University, and the University of Pennsylvania). They also work with exceptional educators and partners, such as Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Intel.

Certification courses are your path to success. With the right amount of determination and focus, you can take advantage of great career opportunities and boost your competency in your craft. While taking time off at home, why not take advantage of these learning resources and drive your career to its fullest potential.

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