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Affection for the Elderly: How to Take Great Care of Your Old Parents

As your folks approach retirement age, you will inevitably conclude that they’re not just getting old; they’re getting too old. Too old to go out, do chores, and look after themselves.

It’s not going to be a smooth transition by any measure. Having siblings helps distribute the work, but you still have to exert considerable effort. If you don’t know how to start caring for them, here are some of the best courses of action:

Retirement home

The most popular option is finding a suitable retirement for them. An Ogden retirement home can help your folks shift smoothly to their new life. Entrusting them to another housing setup, however, entails some weighty considerations.

First, you have to evaluate their needs. There are different kinds of care and housing options based on seniors’ required assistance. Retirement villages and community-based healthcare cater to highly independent folks who don’t need around-the-clock help. On the other hand, personal care and nursing homes offer more attentive and personalized assistance.

Consider hiring a caregiver

You can also continue caring for your parents from the comfort of your home. However, it will still take a significant amount of time. This is where hiring a caregiver or health aide might be a viable solution.

Caregivers tend to your senior parents’ every conceivable need. Meanwhile, home health aides provide help for ADL or activities for daily living, which usually involve eating, bathing, and scheduling medical appointments. These personal care providers can report on-call, daily, or on a 24/7 basis if you ask them to live with you.

Set up their social media

You can also use technology to your advantage. While you’re with your aging parents, you can set up their social media accounts or download other communicating applications such as Skype for real-time video-calling.

Opening them to the world of social media also lets them connect with not just their family but other buddies as well: old colleagues, known people from the community, and friends with shared interests.

Never consider a call as a burden. Set aside five minutes in the morning to call, or go on video-chat before you go to bed.

Seek community help

senior couple

If your folks are still able and independent, you can help them be more social. Retirement allows for an array of hobbies, interests, and even extra work for your parents to undertake.

A lot of community programs can keep seniors engaged through volunteering, local church initiatives, physical activities like dancing and sports, and social organizations like book clubs or gardening groups. These keep their bodies and minds in shape and reduces the feeling of isolation.

Take them on a trip

As often as you can, make your visits more worthwhile. You can take them somewhere they’ve always dreamed of going. Create a highly interactive itinerary for the whole family instead of having each break off into their own tours.

If they’re not particular on the destination – and if finances won’t let it – you can invite them to your city instead. Bring them to work, let them know your daily life, and ask them to help you complete little tasks.

Growing old means having to surrender authority. Show your love to your parents by making them feel like they’re needed or wanted. Doing so will restore some of their youth.

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