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A Gift that Keeps on Giving: Strengthening Relationships

Everybody loves giving and receiving gifts from birthdays and the holidays. Gift-giving and receiving are opportunities for us to feel the joy and connection of relationships, as well as the surprise of something new. Most people believe that gift-giving is just that: opening presents and being happy.

In reality, gifts reveal how people see others and how they view their relationships. This can be observed by how gifts are chosen, used, and their impact between the giver and receiver. The following are suggestions you may consider on your next shopping trip.

Personalizing Gifts

It may seem like a good idea to give someone a gift that highlights their uniqueness, such as their name on a mug. While this may sound like a great idea, it may not always bring the best results. People who buy gifts based on what a person is like may limit that person’s varying wants.

It’s better to focus on what a person wants or give a more versatile gift.

Choosy people

Buying gifts for someone who knows exactly what they want can be a pain while you’re shopping. Yet, buying gifts for these types of people can be useful, as this avoids the hassle of planning what to buy. People these days are becoming more specific with what they want, giving shoppers an extra challenge.

People may have a hard time shopping for picky recipients, especially if an item is too expensive or out of the way. Instead, they may opt for the middle ground known as gift cards.

Gift Cards

Cash or gift cards are heaven sends for those shopping for the picky. Giving cash as a birthday or Christmas present feels too easy and impersonal, so gift cards are the way to go. People who receive gift cards perceive them as things to be spent on lavish and luxurious items.

While gift cards can be spent on mundane objects, people prefer to use them in line with special occasions.

Price vs Practicality

We can spend all the money and buy quality gifts for the people we love. Students, for example, search for general labor job openings to rake in extra cash for the holidays. There’s nothing wrong with giving our loved ones the best of the best, but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive or fancy.

People would appreciate these efforts, but they’ll appreciate more a gift they can use and be of help. Giving a practical gift not only helps the recipient but also helps them remember you more.

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Experiences over Materials

Shopping for someone you’re not close to can be hard, so you end up buying that person a simple material gift. When you think of those you are close to, you may consider giving a gift that’s not wrapped, but experienced.

By giving someone a personal experience, this signifies your closeness to the recipient and a chance to strengthen your bond. Not all gifts are handed out, some are felt.

Long Term Appreciation

Nothing compares to the shock shown on people’s faces when they receive what they want, only to forget about it the next day. It may seem good to wow those we love, but we should think about how long a gift can benefit them as well.

Instead of a quick fix of shock and happiness, give gifts that bring long term happiness. This also leads to the recipient remembering you more and finding joy in what you’ve given.

The True Meaning of Gift Giving

Gifts are more than just presents to open. They are symbols of our relationships with others and help strengthen our bonds with them. Gift-giving and receiving also communicate to others how we feel about them and how they feel about us.

In the end, it’s all about finding joy through others and letting them know that we care about them.

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