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9 Mobile Apps That Will Help Improve Your Overall Health

Who would have thought that one day we would all be heavily dependent on our mobile phones and tablets for our work, leisure, and lifestyle? Look around you. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and is constantly using it for all sorts of things. From work to entertainment to monitoring one’s health and progress, one cannot deny how big an impact mobile gadgets have become.

Because of the mobility and accessibility these devices provide, software developers have turned to app development and publishing. This has allowed companies from different industries and sectors to remain competitive.

One such industry that has fully embraced the digital age by participating in the development of mobile apps is the health and wellness industry. On top of the physical products and services the industry provides, it has now ventured into the online realm via all sorts of apps that promote health and wellness. Companies and businesses within the industry understand that people deal with different health issues. One person could be seeking an anorexia treatment plan for an eating disorder while another could be searching for ways to shed some pounds and become fitter. A lady could be looking for different self-care tips to improve her mental health while a fellow is trying to figure out how to have a healthier and more nutritious diet.

The health and wellness industry is aware of these different concerns, which is why companies belonging to this industry have developed different apps that could help a person discover a healthier and happier lifestyle.

9 Mobile Apps that will Help Keep You Healthier and Happier


Available on both iOS and Android

The best thing about 8Fit is it can create a customized exercise-and-nutrition plan for its users depending on the individual’s specific health goals. This is perfect for those who don’t have a gym membership, are always on the go, and are wanting to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

health app


Available on both iOS and Android

While it’s great that you can google almost any concern today, hearing from qualified professionals is still a lot better, especially when it comes to healthcare issues. HealthTap is an app specifically designed to give users access to the top medical professionals and practitioners for online consultations and safe actionable recommendations.


Available on both iOS and Android

We all know how stress isn’t just a mental health problem but also negatively manifests in our physical health. The creators of Happify aim to take a stab at our daily stressors with games and activities backed by science and research that help its users overcome stress and negativity. According to its creators, daily use of the app not only helps boost one’s mental health but also trains one to think more positively.


Available on both iOS and Android

As the name suggests, the app aims to educate users about the food they buy from the supermarket. Download the app and scan the product’s barcode using your phone to see its nutrition grade as well as its health benefits.

Charity Miles

Available on both iOS and Android

Most of the time, lack of motivation is the real culprit why most folks don’t commit to an active lifestyle. However, if you have the heart to give back to the community and a great desire to be healthier, download Charity Miles. It is an app that allows users to raise a certain amount of money for every mile completed (from walking, running, or biking) and donate it to a charity of their choosing. How awesome is that?


Available on both iOS and Android

With Aaptiv, you no longer have any reason to not exercise. This fitness app allows its users to get the full-gym experience of working out even if you’re not in the gym. With more than 2,500 classes available, you can choose the type of workout that is best suited to your fitness goals.


Available on both iOS and Android

Now it’s easier to keep track of your food intake with MyFitnessPal. With over 6 million foods included in their database, MyFitnessPal allows users to break down their daily calorie consumption according to their fitness goals.


Available on both iOS and Android

Your health involves more than just the food you eat and the exercise you get. Fortunately, this app allows the user to help clear your head and keep you mentally healthy by providing daily meditation and mindfulness exercises that help relieve you of stress and improve your sleep cycle.

Sleep Cycle

Available on both iOS and Android

Speaking of the sleep cycle, sleep deprivation is one of the most common health problems and stressors today. This app helps improve the user’s sleeping patterns by monitoring the quality of your sleep, heart rate, and even disruptions.

Put that technology to good use and start downloading these apps to improve your overall health.

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