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7 Types of Events That Can Use a Fabric Shelter

In the event management industry, the type of venue is always the main priority. The affordability, durability, and portability of fabric building structures make them an indispensable tool for event managers. Many entertainment companies and event organizers invest in fabric shelters because compared to traditional buildings, they provide more benefits in terms of construction and disassembly.

If you work in the events industry or are interested in buying a fabric shelter for your business, here are some of the possible events that you may use it for:


It’s no secret that wedding venues can be quite expensive, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in rent. Instead of a traditional wedding venue, wedding planners can offer couples a fabric shelter for the reception. A fabric shelter doesn’t have any pillars in the middle, so the couple and their guests can enjoy an open floor plan. Not only is a fabric shelter easy to decorate for a wedding; it also has a lot of room for dancing.


Many concert organizers today use dome shelters for their concert grounds. Having a fabric shelter for a concert is beneficial to schedules that are being held in undesirable weather, and it’s also cheaper than renting out an arena or stadium.

Sports Festivals

A medium-sized fabric shelter can be used as the main building for a sports festival wherein all the registrations and awarding are done. On the other hand, a larger fabric shelter can serve as a temporary stadium where sports games can be held.

Corporate Events

Another thing that a fabric shelter can function as is a marketing tool. You can have your company name branded onto the fabric shelter, which can be used for large corporate events and meetings.

Private Parties

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Do you want to host a private party for a large crowd without having to rent an expensive place? A fabric shelter is your best bet. With this low-cost, portable shelter, you can hold your party almost anywhere. Moreover, it’s going to be easier and faster to decorate, whatever the theme may be.


Art Show

You can use projectors to project shapes and patterns onto the fabric shelter walls and ceilings. This will give your art shows an immersive appeal without having to spend a lot of your budget. What’s more, you can use projectors to display your logos and company name strategically.

Car Shows

A fabric shelter can be used as low-cost parking garages in various events or industries. It’s easy to maneuver vehicles in and out of the structure, unlike in traditional buildings wherein there are usually only a few entrances and exit points. That said, a fabric shelter can be an efficient venue for car shows.

These are just some of the potential events that you can hold in a fabric shelter. There are many other functions that you can use it for. Now that you know how versatile a fabric shelter can be, it’s time to decide and look for a trusted provider of fabric shelters.

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