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5 Signs That May Indicate Problems with Your Power Cables

Proper and regular maintenance of electrical wiring is the first measure in mitigating risks for electrical accidents. By knowing the signs of faulty wiring, you would know when to have them repaired or replaced.

In all types of electrical applications, whether in industrial or marine engineering, maintaining electrical wiring is crucial. Damaged, worn, and poorly-maintained wiring can cause electrical mishaps that range from mild to severe, sometimes even fatal. If you use a lot of power cables in Singapore, where almost everything runs on electricity like other rapidly modernizing countries, you should know how to look for signs of an electrical problem.

Here are some of the most obvious signs of faulty electrical wiring that you should look out for:

Flickering or buzzing lights

If your lights are constantly buzzing, flickering, or dimming, and you’ve confirmed that it isn’t a problem with the local power line, then you may have issues with your electrical wiring. If only one fixture is manifesting this behavior, then it may be a problem with the bulb or fixture itself. However, if multiple lights and appliances in your home are acting up, you would want an electrician to look into it.

Frequent circuit breaker trips

A circuit breaker trips when excessive electrical load flows through it. It does this to prevent your system from overloading and causing more severe problems, like fires or electric shock. Usually, you just have to turn it back on (and perhaps unplug some devices that you’re not using) and go along with your day. However, if your circuit breaker trips multiple times a month, there may be an underlying issue with your electrical wiring.

Weird electrical smell

Have you ever smelled something weird coming from your outlets or plugged in appliances? Like a burning or rubbery smell? If you smell something strange coming from your outlets or electrical devices, it may mean that an electrical fire is coming next. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you don’t overload your sockets with multiple things plugged into it (including an extension cord or power strip).

Frayed or damaged wiring

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Wiring can be worn and damaged over time due to age, pests, and irresponsible repairmen. Thus, it is very important that you have your cables inspected from time to time to find any possible frayed or broken wiring. If left unchecked, open wires can lead to electric shock, fires, and sparking.

Moreover, if you often find chewed wires in your home, you may want to contact pest control, as well.

Hot or vibrating outlets

When an outlet is wired incorrectly, the switch plate may become hot to the touch when a device or appliance is plugged into it. If the outlet is uncomfortably hot, unplug everything that’s plugged into it and try using another outlet. Contact an electrician immediately and don’t use the outlet in the meantime.

Having faulty electrical wiring puts you at high risk of electrical fires and shocks, among other possible accidents. If you want to make sure your home doesn’t have faulty wiring, watch out for these signs and have a professional perform a thorough inspection.

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