5 Reasons Why Promotional Business Gifts Are Still Relevant Today

Thanks to the Internet, businesses now have more ways to reach out to their existing and target customers and audiences. It’s undeniable that much of today’s marketing now happens online, with practically every business having a website or at least social media pages.

However, this doesn’t mean that custom promotional products are no longer relevant. In fact, at a time where most business transactions and promotions happen online, receiving a tangible item can be considered a special and unique experience. This may also be one of the reasons why at least 80 percent of consumers like getting promotional products.

Not convinced? If you need more reasons to invest in promotional products, here are five:

1. They are cost-effective marketing tools

For small to medium enterprises, marketing and advertising costs are likely to put a dent on their budget planning. They may not have the ability to invest in a full-on multimedia advertising campaign yet. Fortunately, they can invest in promotional products that are not too expensive, yet have been proven to generate awareness and ultimately, conversion.

Many promotional product manufacturers offer these products at prices that even startup businesses can afford. But even though these products are low-cost, they can effectively do what they’re designed to do: to introduce a company or brand to consumers and maintain recall.

2. They make for immediate brand recognition

Brand recognition is when a customer can recognize your business or brand easily once they spot your logo. Because promotional products are tangible, a consumer will see them often, and they will remember your brand and logo better, unlike digital materials that tend to be forgotten quickly.

3. They work as a functional business card

couple buyingBusiness cards have always been a part of a business, and you probably have one in your pocket or wallet right now. But if you want something that has a better chance of staying with a customer longer, promotional products such as coffee mugs, pens, or notepads are good options.

Why is this so? How many times have you been given a business card before? Do you always take it out to look at the company name and logo, as well as the person’s name? That’s right; you don’t. Promotional products, on the other hand, give your brand more exposure as the receiver can use it several times.

4. They promote loyalty

Though it may sound melodramatic, people like receiving gifts. Your customers may also appreciate the gesture of a business giving them something that they can use in one way or another. Because of this, they may keep on doing business with you.

Furthermore, the quality of your promotional gifts will say tons about your business. Giving high-quality gifts will send the message that you also care about the quality of services and products that your company provides.

5. They’re not just for customers

What’s great about promotional products is that you can also give them to your employees. In this manner, the promotional gifts can help boost your staff’s morale. What’s more, if they carry those promotional items with them around, other people may be introduced to your brand as well, albeit indirectly.

With Promotional Products, You Get What You Pay For

Getting promotional products for your business is an investment that is sure to give you valuable returns in several ways. So, if you’re thinking of new ways to promote and market your brand, this is an option you should consider.

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